Becoming a full time potter … For a little while

After 20+ years working as software engineer, I finally decided to take a break from my “professional” job. My employer is handing me a severance package. I am taking this opportunity to do something I always wanted to do … be a full time potter, maybe for 4-6 months. I have been thinking and planning about this for a while, but never actually pull the trigger. I think now is the time!

I feel very exciting but also a bit uncertain. Moving away a ‘stable’ work environment which I rooted for 20+ years is a bit scary. The reliable paychecks plus benefits certainly are nice to have. I am sure pottery making won’t pay nearly as well. Plus, making pots in my studio will be a solitary journey, which is much different from sitting in a clean, bright modern office building surrounded with coworkers. My daily schedule will change drastically from corporate assigned tasks to completely independent. Fortunately, I got a nice severance package which will take the financial burden away. And I think I am ready and excited to become a full time potter!

So my full-time potter’s journey officially will start on 9/16/2019, my last day at current job. In fact, I already began this in late August, a few weeks I got the notice. I have talked to a great local potter, Marsha Owen, who I have worked with on small projects in the past few years. We decided to do a loose apprenticeship. Under which, Marsha will demonstrate her techniques, help to improve my skills and start some projects. In exchange I will help her in studio chores. I think this will be perfect for me as it will help me not only in improving my skills, but set discipline and goals during my short break. We have done one big kiln firing already and are working on the second. I do think this is working well.

So here it goes, my potter’s journey starts now!

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