A 6-month Pottery Journey Starts

Sept 16th 2019 is officially the date! I signed my severance package, dropped off my laptop, bid farewell to the people, and walked out the door after 20 years, 7 month working at Cisco.

What I felt the most was the relief. It was over finally! No more waiting, no more uncertainty. This is I wanted all along for several years. I was not happy at work. The visionless leadership and politics was getting unbearable. We have not delivered anything meaningful in past few years. This made me feel wasting my life. I have been thinking and talking about leaving for years and planned on it. However, until today it isn’t real.

So when I walked out the door, I felt much was relieved. I am putting all this corporate BS behind me and now can pursue something I have passion. Instead of coming to office and waste day after day, I now can get up in the morning and have something to look forward to everyday! Which I already feel in the last few weeks (I got noticed on July 31th).

What I feel that I will miss the most is the people. 20 years working here, I got to know so many great and talented coworkers. Many I become good friends. They are what I truly treasure the most. They are fun to work and spend time with, and make last few years not so unbearable. Truly I will miss them, and hope I could meet them again here at Cisco or somewhere when I come back to technology after my planed 6-month break.

Now off I go, a page turned. I will finally have a few months just to concentrate on pottery making. It is a rare opportunity one doesn’t get often. I sure will spend it wisely… that it, making TONS of pots!

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