Cone 6 Glaze Test

First glaze test with my kiln. For this one I picked a few glazes I used before. Scott’s Red and Millicent Curtains from Pullen Art Center, Joy White, Glossy White, Orange Streaks, Whether Brownze and Vicky Green from Marsha Owen. And the clay body I used are Highwater Earthen Red and Little Loafer, Standard 266 (Dark Brown) and 381 (Black), also Laguna B-Mix.

The test results are not surprising as I have used most of the glazes and clay bodies before. The only new clay I tested is Standard 381. Which is almost jet black. It sucks most the color so every glaze looks dark, except white, which shows nicely. But overall I don’t like this clay so won’t get it in the future.

Here’s the notes:

  • Orange Streak: very nice warm color on white. shows iron specks too. Not so much on dark clay (266 or 381)
  • Weather Bronze: by itself it’s not very interesting. it’s matte bronze green on light clay. looks OK on 266 but not so nice on ER and 381
  • Vicky Green: House paint green on light clay. pretty nice on 266. horrible on ER and 381
  • Scott’s Red: this one is promising. very nice on light clay and 266. again 381 is a no go.
  • Millicent Curtains: Nice celadon look on light body, pretty nice too on 266
  • Joy White/Glossy white: looks nice on dark clay body. very boring on light clay.
  • Note: Weather Bronze by itself it’s just OK, but overlap with white it turns very nice steaky glossy green. Definitely worth to try more.
Left: Weather Bronze. Right: Weather Bronze over joy white. clay body: 266

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