Pottery Care Instruction


All of my pottery are individually handmade. It iss rare to create identical items due to the nature of century old pottery making tradition. As such, there may be subtle variations from item description (such as color or dimension). Such variations are inherent in the nature of handmade products and they are not flaws. It is these variations giving each piece its uniqueness and making it truly one of a kind creation.

Kitchenware User and Care Instruction

All my kitchenware pottery are fired to a temperature of over 2,000F degrees which makes them vitrified and ideal for drinking, serving and oven baking. I use food safe and lead free glazes only on all my kitchenwares. They are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. However, hand wash is recommended as dishwater detergent is harsh to the surface.

Please follow these instructions for using cookwares:

  • Since all my kitchenware pieces are glazed (at least inside where the pots have direct contact with food), no seasoning is needed
  • Do NOT use on the stove top or over an open flame.
  • In general, due the the nature of high-fire clay, avoid sudden temperature changes as thermal shock can cause pottery to break. For example, do not put a prepared refrigerated casserole directly into a hot oven. Likewise, do not remove stoneware directly from a hot dishwasher and place something cold in it.
  • Again, try to avoid thermal shock. DO NOT PRE-HEAT OVEN. Instead, always place pottery into a cold oven, then bring up to temperature.  Likewise, do NOT move hot casserole from oven and put it on a cold metal surface
  • Use at 325 degrees maximum for oven baking (due to the density of stoneware clay, this is the equivalent of 350 degrees)
  • Transfer leftovers to another pan for refrigeration. Do not heat leftovers in the dish.
  • Clean with only non-harsh scrub pad. Avoiding using harsh scrub pad to clean them as it can scratch the glazed surface.

Please use good judgment when handling handmade pottery pieces. With proper use and care, my pottery pieces can last a lifetime for your to enjoy 🙂

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